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Why Fortellis

With the Fortellis Marketplace, users will have access to everything from consumable solutions, to integrated workflows and widgets. Marketplace gives users the ability to easily plug and play solutions from any provider to optimize business processes and efficiencies.

The Fortellis Marketplace enables boundless collaboration by gathering developers, OEMs and dealers to share a common platform and create solutions that will move the automotive industry forward.

The impact of all of this innovation, integration and personalization is that car buyers will enjoy the resulting streamlined customer experience at the dealership.

The real question is—why would you not use the Fortellis Marketplace?

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A New Chapter
In Automotive Commerce

Automotive retail technology providers can easily sell their integrated product or services to a wide network of consumers.

OEMs can explore new opportunities to deliver a branded experience through their dealer networks.

Dealers can choose from a plethora of options to customize solutions that meet their unique business needs.

Cool Solutions
The Possibilities

Why not make it easy for shoppers to find the exact car they want online—one that's close by? Give them a good look at the car with an array of high-quality photos.

In Fortellis Marketplace you could find the right solution to enable shoppers to get an accurate quote right on their screens, while serving them up a Google map that will guide them right to your dealership. When they arrive, the same technology would allow you to pull up the quote they generated online, work with the exact numbers they got before—and close the sale. Now, that's how the car-buying experience should be!