04 February 2019

(dev) day 2019 is in the books. The record books. Based on the great response, we hope this is an event that will grow in years to come, creating an environment where developers across automotive can collaborate and innovate together. Here’s a little recap of our inaugural adventure.

(dev) day NADA 2019
Post by Brian Miller
11 January 2019

I have just spent a few hours getting my demo web site to work with the Implicit OAuth 2.0 flow. It was a very quick integration. OAuth 2.0 offers a secure way to make calls to the Fortellis platform

Looking Into OAuth 2.0
Post by Julian Birkett
10 December 2018

Brandon Boyd
Lisa Mork

We recently spoke with Lisa Mork, the Development Program Manager on the Fortellis team. We discussed “EVENTING,” one of the many elements the team is working on to enhance the Fortellis platform.

In a past role at CDK, I provided DMS systems support to customers. Here is an example of one particular use case that might better explain how eventing could be used within Fortellis... Read More

Post by Brandon Boyd
11 September 2018

CDK Global (Nasdaq: CDK), a leading enabler of end-to-end automotive commerce, today announced that AutoFi has have agreed to consume digital retailing application programming interfaces (APIs) from the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ platform.

CDK Global Announcement
Post by Scott Carlson
27 June 2018

The most valuable companies today (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook) derive much of their ROI from multi-sided platform business. Though success is not automatic after launching a platform that generates new sources of revenue, the below article is about the reasoning behind why many companies make the leap and the business objectives organizations strive to achieve when creating a platform.

Platform Thinking
Post by Swapna Sasidharan
15 May 2018

OAuth tokens can be acquired through various different flows, depending on the use case. This post will demonstrate the implicit flow, which is intended for use by apps who don't have any means of protecting their client secret.

OAuth 2.0 Key Tile
Post by Ian Woolf
21 March 2018

Post by Trentin Priebe
21 March 2018

Post by Ian Woolf
20 March 2018

Post by Trentin Priebe
20 March 2018

Post by Abram Goldshtein